Metal siding (aluminum or steel) is a great option if you’re looking to resurface your commercial building, home or cottage. It is durable, low maintenance, light weight and comes in a variety of colours and textures.


Vinyl siding offers many advantages for your commercial building, home or cottage. It is easy to maintain (requiring washing a few times a year), the design options are endless, and it’s also very cost effective compared to other materials.


Wood siding is an attractive material that’s been used on home for many generations. The only problem is that it is very high maintenance. By using engineered wood siding you get the look of wood siding without the maintenance commitment. It is made up of wood fibres and strong resin, it is compressed into a solid material, and then it is cut and nailed like wood. This process makes the boards lighter than wood and easier to install.


If you like the look of wood but want a material that’s more durable and low maintenance then fiber cement siding is a great option for you! It’s available in a large variety of textures to mimic wood while being termite and fire resistant, and it will not fade, rot, buckle, or warp.