Is your roof leaking? Do your shingles look a little ‘worse for wear’? Maybe you even have a few missing shingles.

Any of the above can often just be fixed with a repair, instead of redoing the whole roof.

There are several reasons why water will drip from your ceiling, window jambs, doorways, light fixtures, bathroom fans or even furnace ducting. As a matter of fact sometimes there could be water dripping from one or more of the above and it’s not even raining out! Although sometimes repairs are a ‘trial and error’ system, you can feel confident that we will find any + all issues and remedy them for you.

REMR Roofing is set-up to handle repairs and maintenance on all roofs.

With many years of experience, we have the technical expertise and equipment to assess roofing issues and to take on repairs that seamlessly dovetail with a roof’s design.

  1. Conduct a brief consultation with you either in person, over the phone or through email to identify what you have observed and what the issues are
  2. Either investigate the interior of the home, the attic space and/or the roof to locate the source of the leak.
  3. Once we have identified the severity of the problem we will provide you with a quote for repairs which could include the following:
    • ​Shingle replacement in a damaged area.
    • Vent replacement.
    • Flashing and counter flashing repair or replacement.
    • Attic ventilation investigation.
    • Full replacement of your roof, if needed.